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Last updated 21/12/2023

What is Mail Merge?

Mail merges are one of the quickest ways to customize emails. Mail merges enable you to create customized documents based on the receiver. You will save time and work by not having to manually personalize each document for many recipients.

How Mail Merge Works in Five

A mail merge takes values from a data source and inserts them into the editor. This lets you create a master template from which you can generate many similar documents, each customized with the data being merged.

There are two methods you can use to create a mail merge in Five.
  • You can create a mail merge based on a selected data source; or
  • Create a mail merge with code and use Five's function .
1. Select Tasks in the menu.

2. Select Mail Merges in the sub-menu.

Mail Merges Menu Item
Figure 1 - Mail Merges menu item

Who Can Add, Edit, and Delete Mail Merges?

Please refer to the chapter Five's Users and Roles.

SMTP Settings

For your mail merges to be sent you wil need to configure your SMTP settings on the Instance form.

Automate Mail Merges

You can create a job to automate your mail merge.

Mail Merge Form

The Mail Merge form consists of Five pages. The table below gives a description for each of the pages.

GeneralThe General page is for you to configure your mail merge settings and create your email template.
EventsThe Events page is for you to attach code for extra functionality.
Action ButtonsThe Action Buttons page enables you to add customized buttons that will be available in the app bar.
Screen FieldsThe Screen Fields page will create fields that data can be entered and are available in the email template.
ReferencesThe References page will list where the mail merge is being referenced.

The General Page

The table below gives a description for the fields on the Mail Merge form.

TitleGive your mail merge a title and it will be visible in the Mail Merge app bar if not automated.
Action IDThe unique identifer for your mail merge.
Data SourceSelect a data source for your mail merge to use for the personalized information.
Name Field IDSelect the field from the data source that holds the recipient names.
Email Field IDSelect the field from the data source that holds the recipient emails.
SMTP From NameThe name of the sender.
SMTP From EmailThe email of the sender.
Subject TextAdd a subject line for your mail merge.
Merge TextOpens the editor for you to create your email template.
Help TextAdd help content.
Help URLAdd a URL link to external help.
NotesAdd notes for your mail merge for your own reference.