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Last updated 4/12/2023

If at any point, you require extra help while performing the Quick Start Guide, please do not hesitate to refer to our community forum. You can submit a support question here, or you may find some support already posted.

Portfolio - Quick Start Guide

This tutorial will walk you through step by step on how to develop a Portfolio application to manage a collection of financial investments for a single user.

When you have finished the Quick Start Guide, you have the option to extend your Five knowledge by progressing to the Advanced section located in our Learning Resources.

Below is a short video to show you how stage one of the Portfolio application developed in Five works.

The Portfolio Application is built sequentially. It is highly recommended to complete all sections before moving on as each subsequent module relies on the data established in previous exercises.

If you would like to have the Portfolio application to use as a reference, please download PortfolioTrain.fdf

Click here to learn how to import this file into Five.

After you have imported the PortfolioTrain.fdf, for your initial deployment you may need to go to the Instances view to locate the Deploy to Development button when working in the cloud. To do this select Setup in the menu, followed by Instances in the sub-menu. Next select the default record and click the Cluster Management button in the form app bar, you will now have the Deploy to Development button available and it will also be available in the toolbar to deploy from any view in Five.

If you are working in Five Desktop version and you need assistance to download and install Five please refer to Download Five Desktop.