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Last updated 27/03/2023

Five's Intermediate Training Exercises

This guide aims to take your basic knowledge of Five a bit further. It is expected that you have performed Five's Quick Start Guide exercises for the Portfolio application. The exercises in Five's Intermediate section are an extension on the Portfolio application.

Below is a short video to show you how stage two of the Portfolio application developed in Five works.

All SQL syntax and code blocks are available by clicking on the Copy button throughout the documentation. Five's intermediate exercises are built sequentially. It is highly recommended to complete all exercises before moving on as each subsequent exercise relies on the data established in previous exercises.

During the training you will be asked to run the Portfolio application in most of the chapters to add test data and see what can be improved and how it can be done in Five.

Throughout Five's Intermediate Training Exercise you will learn the following:

  • How to use Five's SQL Editor;
  • How to work with parameters in Five;
  • How to use Five's Code Editor;
  • How to attach functions to events to be executed;
  • How to create parent menus;
  • How to work with Five's stack;
  • How to create charts with multiple data sets;
  • How to interact with Five's API.