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Versioning FileMaker Applications

Last updated 18/10/2023

When you create a new application in Five, Five will automatically create a full set of history tables for you to track changes. Because you are importing your FileMaker database, you will need to perform the following steps to have this feature.

How to Activate Version Control

1. Click the Add Item button.

Add Item button
Figure 1 - Add Item button

2. Type a title in the Title field.

Add an application
Figure 2 - Add an application

3. Click the Versioning tab.

Versioning tab
Figure 3 - Versioning tab

4. Click the Enable Versioning switch to turn off.

Enable Versioning switch
Figure 4 - Enable Versioning switch

5. Click the Save button.

Save button
Figure 5 - Save button

6. If you are working locally follow these steps to import, or if you are working in the cloud, follow these steps to import your database schema and data.

You will need to navigate back to Applications view to enable versioning. You do not need to enable versioning if this is not a feature you are after.

7. Click the Up button in the toolbar.

Up button
Figure 6 - Up button

8. Click the Versioning tab.

Versioning tab
Figure 7 - Versioning tab

9. Either click the Edit button in the form app bar, or click directly on the Enable Versioning switch.

Edit button
Figure 8 - Edit button

10. Click the Enable Versioning switch.

Enable Versioning switch
Figure 9 - Enable Versioning switch

11. Click the Save button in the form app bar.

Save button
Figure 10 - Save button