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Export FileMaker Database

Last updated 12/10/2023

The first thing you need to do is export your FileMaker Database as a MySQL dump file.

How to Export a FileMaker Database as a MySQL Dump

1. Click here to download the FiveExport.fmp12 file containing the export script.

2. Open your FileMaker application.

3. Use the following guide to import the 'Five Export' script from the 'FiveExport.fmp12' file into the application you wish to export.
Importing scripts from other FileMaker files

By default, the script will assume that the first field in each table is the Primary Key for that table, this may lead to some inaccuracies. Follow the steps below to allow the script to properly identify the Primary Key.

4. In your FileMaker app, for each table's primary key field, add the string
in the Comment field.

5. Click the Change button.

Comment field
Figure 1 - Comment field

6. Run the script from the Script Workspace.

Run button
Figure 2 - Run button

With the script running successfully, a MySQL dump file will have been created in your Documents folder, you will see a popup detailing the location of the file that was created.

Location path
Figure 3 - Location path