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12 - Import a Five Definition File

Last updated 26/03/2023

Please note this documentation is optional. It will explain how to import the PortfolioV2.1 application in the event you would like this application to use as a reference while you build the Portfolio application.

Before you import the PortfolioV2.1 application, click here to download the FDF. Alternatively, you can find the PortfolioV2.1.fdf in the My Five Projects folder under the Documents folder.

Import the PortfolioV2.1 Application Via the Five Definition File (FDF)

You will need to be on the Applications view.

1. Click the Import button.

Import Button
Figure 1 - Import button

2. Navigate your files, select, and open PortfolioV1.2.fdf.

3. Click the OK button on successful import.

OK Button
Figure 2 - OK button