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Last updated 14/11/2022

Quick Start Guide (Local)

Welcome to Five!

This guide demonstrates how you can use Five to quickly build and launch a web application from scratch. The exercises are based on developing a Portfolio application to manage a collection of financial investments.

Below is a short video to show you how stage one of the Portfolio Base application developed in Five works.

The Quick Start Guide is built sequentially. It is highly recommended to complete all sections before moving on as each subsequent module relies on the data established in previous exercises.

These exercises are for the free desktop version of Five.

Before You Start

  1. Download a free version of Five from

  2. Bookmark this link to the Quick Start Guide in your web browser.


If you would like to have the PortfolioFinal application to use as a reference, please perform Step three and click here to learn how to import this file into Five.

  1. Download file: the final Portfolio Application.


If need assistance to download and install Five please refer to Download and Install Five.

Formatting Conventions Used

 Bold Font Direction for a user.Click and Type.
Bold Font ]Anything fixed in Five.Button names and fields names.
{ Bold Font }Anything a user can change.Identifier names and default settings.
" Bold Font "Anything a user has to enter.Captions, SQL, JavaScript.