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Introduction to Five's Tools

Last updated 17/07/2023


Five has several tools that can be used by you as a developer inside of Five to analyse, search, and perform audit checks on your code. All of Five's tools are held in the Tools menu.

Tools Menu Item
Figure 1 - Tools menu item

The table below gives a brief description of Five's tools.

Code AnalyserProvides all code with the number of lines in the code.
Code SearchSearch for a string in a code block.
Form CodeLocate code attached to a form.
Audit TrailKeep track of all code changes.
User Audit TrailAudit of user activity in Five.

The VIEW Button

At the end of the row for each record there is a VIEW button.

  • The VIEW button for a code record will open the code in a new tab in Five's Code Editor.
  • The VIEW button for all other records will take you directly to the saved record's location in Five.

VIEW Button
Figure 2 - VIEW button