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Setup OpenAI

Last updated 4/03/2024

To use the OpenAI API, you need to provide an API key. First, sign up for OpenAI API on this page. Once you signed up and logged in, you need to open this page, click on Personal, and select View API keys in drop-down menu. You can then copy the key by clicking on the green text Copy.

To access this feature, a paid subscription is required. Visit our pricing page for more details.

Add an OpenAI Key

1. Click Configuration in the menu.

Configuration Menu Item
Figure 1 - Configuration menu item

2. Click in the Options field to open the Field Data window.

Options Field
Figure 2 - Options field

3. Click the Add Field Data button

Add Field Data Button
Figure 3 - Add Field Data button

3. Type OPENAI-KEY in the Key field

4. Enter your OpenAI key in the Value field.

Add Open-AI Key
Figure 4 - Add OpenAI key

5. Click the Save button.

Save Open-AI Key
Figure 5 - Save OpenAI key

6. Click the Save button in the form app bar.

Save the Configuration Record
Figure 6 - Save the Configuration record

Where is the AI Functionality Available?

Five's AI functionality is available in our Code Editor and you can either ask to have the code explained or check for errors.

Explain code
Figure 7 - Explain code

Check for Errors
Figure 8 - Check for errors