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Last updated 11/04/2023

The Book Club Application

The Book Club application is a training plan designed to take you through most of Five's features to get you underway to understanding a lot of what you can use in Five to build your applications.

This tutorial is separated into three sections:

Beginner: You will begin to learn the fundamentals of building an application in Five.

Intermediate: This section will walk you through a few of Five's intermediate features and you will begin to interact with Five's API.

Advanced: Here you will learn some of the more advanced features of Five, such as table events and automated tasks.

The Book Club Application has been built in a Local version of Five.

If you would like to have the Book Club application to use as a reference, please download BookClubV2.1.fdf

Click here to learn how to import this file into Five.

In case you have not performed Five's Quick Start Guide, the video below will show you how to navigate the Five platform.

Before we delve into building the Book Club application, let's take a look at how the application works to give you an understanding of what we will be building.