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Last updated 24/03/2022

Five's Introductory, No-code, Low-Code Training Exercise

This document aims to inform and demonstrate the core fundamentals of Five and how quickly professional-grade applications can be built securely and efficiently using no-code, low-code, or full-code. The exercises are based on developing a Portfolio Application to manage a collection of financial investments. The Portfolio Application holds eight tables in the database.

Save the Associated Dataset files to a location on your computer or network that may be accessed during the training exercise. All SQL syntax and code blocks are also available by clicking on the Copy button throughout the documentation. Work through each module sequentially and complete all sections before moving on as each subsequent module relies on the data established in previous exercises.

Five's Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) is the development environment that will move into the end-user application on deployment. Throughout this training, while in the aPaaS the following will be performed:

  • Build and configure the Portfolio application;
  • Create tables and forms using Five's wizards and forms;
  • Create menu items;
  • Import data using an Excel® CSV file;
  • Use Five's Text Editor;
  • Use Five's Theme editor;
  • Use Five's SQL Editor to retrieve data;
  • Code functions on the Code Editor using Five's API;
  • Build charts to display data; and
  • Build a dashboard to represent several data retrievals.

Formatting Conventions Used

The following are the formatting conventions used throughout this tutorial.

 Bold Font Direction for a user.
Bold Font ]Anything fixed in Five, for example, button names, field names etc.
{ Bold Font }Anything a user can change, for example, identifier names (Action ID, FieldID, etc) and default settings.
" Bold Font "Anything a user has to enter, for example, titles, captions, SQL, JavaScript®, TypeScript®.