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Welcome to Five

Last updated 9/05/2022

First Time Using Five

Welcome to Five, a low-code development environment built by developers for developers. Inside Five, you can quickly, securely, and efficiently develop and deploy device-independent, full-stack web applications. You can also customize your application to support your business logic and requirements. Each application can have mulitple instances with the same schema and tailored differently by logos, themes, SMTP settings, and resources.

Getting Started

On initial login, you will be taken to the Five development environment. To learn how to develop and deploy an application, you can either:

  • Follow the step-by-step documentation throughout Five;
  • Follow one of the sample applications; or
  • Watch the tutorial videos.

About Five's Documentation

This help documentation is designed both as a course in Five and as an ongoing reference while you are developing your application/s. You can refer to it as a quick guide, work through it systematically for in-depth knowledge, and touch on it whenever you need additional information.


When you are developing in Five you can extend functionality to your application/s by using our Low-code editor or by coding in our Code editor which supports several languages. Our Table and Fields Designer and SQL editor allow you to retrieve and manipulate data from your data source.

New User Quick Start Guide

If you are new to Five, we recommend that you work through the menu items in the following order to build the foundation of your application before moving on to our other features.

Menu ItemDefinition
ApplicationsName and define the properties for your application.
InstancesTailor an instance of your application.
TablesBuild your tables.
FormsCreate and build out your forms.
MenusCreate menu items to select your actions.
RolesDefine your user logins and grant permissions.
QueriesRetrieve and manipulate data from your data source.
FunctionsInteract with Five's API to create functionality in your application.
ChartsCreate charts by using Five's inbuilt chart library.
DashboardsBuild interactive dashboards displaying any of Five's actions.

After saving your application the Manage button will become available in the application form app bar to drill down to Five's main menu.

Down ButtonFigure 1 - Manage Button