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Last updated 2/02/2022

The Add Menu Item on the Form Wizard is defaulted to true to create a menu item for the form being created. You can edit this menu item in the Menus view. While on the Menu form you can apply more configurations to your menu item such as:

  • Add an icon to be displayed next to the name of the menu item.
  • Customize the Down button by adding an icon and tooltip for a parent menu item.
  • Write a condition in the Show If field.

Create a Parent Menu in the Form Wizard


The menu item being selected as the parent needs to be saved in Five first to be available in the Parent Menu's lookup list.


  1. Select Forms in the menu.

  2. Click the New Form Wizard button in the list app bar.

New Form Wizard Button
Figure 1 - New Form Wizard button

  1. Click the lookup icon in the Main Table field and select the required table.

  2. Click the lookup icon in the Parent Menu field and select the menu item required to be the parent.

  3. Click the Next button.

Add a Parent Menu
Figure 2 - Add a parent menu

  1. Make the changes required to your fields.

  2. Click the Save button in the wizard app bar.

Save the Form
Figure 3 - Save the form

How This Will Look in Your End-User Application

When a record is saved for a parent menu item, the Down button will become available to drill down to the child menu.

Drill down from the parent menu
Figure 4 - Drill down from the parent menu

Remove a Menu Item

Five will automatically create a menu item for all forms created in the wizard. If you do not require a menu item for the form you will need to remove the default of true.

  1. Click the Menu Item switch to remove from a true state.

Remove Menu Item
Figure 5 - Remove menu item


A menu item created by the wizard can be later removed by deleting the record in the Menus view.