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Add a Non-Database Field

Last updated 31/01/2022

How to Add a Field Not Attached to the Database

The following documentation will explain how to add a field to your form that is not connected to the database. The value/s in these fields will not be stored in the database as they are not attached to a field in the database. Fields that aren't connected to the database can be beneficial for tasks such as gathering data for calculations and only storing the calculated value in the database, rather than the data needed to calculate the answer.


  1. Select Forms in the menu.

  2. Click the Add Item button in the list app bar.

  3. Type a title in the Title field.

  4. Click the lookup icon in the Table field and select the required table.

  5. Click the Pages tab.

Add a Form
Figure 1 - Add a form

  1. Click the Add Pages button.

Add Pages Button
Figure 2 - Add Pages button

  1. Type a caption in the Caption field.

  2. Click the Fields tab.

Fields Tab
Figure 3 - Fields tab

  1. Click the Add Fields button.

Add Fields button
Figure 4 - Add Fields button


To have a field not attached to a table field in the database, you do not make a selection in the Field field. The Field field is to select a field from the table in the database to store the data.

  1. Type a caption in the Caption field.

  2. Click the lookup icon in the Display Type field and select the required display type.

  3. Click the Save button in the form app bar.

Save a Non-Database Field
Figure 5 - Save a non-database field

  1. Click the Add Fields button and continue to add the rest of your fields to the form.

  2. On completion of the final field entry, click all three Save buttons in the stacked form app bars.

Save Form
Figure 6 - Save the form


A non-database field cannot be included in the list. You will need to add more fields to your form and include at least one of the fields in the list.

How This Will Look in Your End-User Application

The field will appear to be a normal field, but the value will be erased once the value has been input and the form has been saved. The information typed into the field will not be saved in the database.

Non-database field
Figure 7 - Non-database field