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3 - Import Data

Last updated 24/03/2023

There are two ways to import data into Five:

  • A CSV file; or
  • A SQL file.
This documentation will explain how to import Comma Separated Values (CSV) files into Five. A CSV file is a way for you to import data you may already have and require in your application. In total, four CSV files will be imported.

Before you start to import the CSV files, click the following links to download each of the .csv files.

An imported FDF file will import all the data that was exported with the file!

The video below will demonstrate how to import the first CSV into the Portfolio application.

How to Import a CSV File

Import the Exchange CSV File

1. Click the Import CSV into Table button.

2. Click the lookup icon in the Table field and select Exchange.

3. Click the Choose File button.

Import the Exchange.csv File
Figure 1 - Import the Exchange.csv file

4. Navigate your files, select and open Exchange.csv.

5. Click the Save button in the form app bar.

Save the Exchange Import
Figure 2 - Save the Exchange import

6. Click the OK button on successful import.

OK Button
Figure 3 - OK button

7. Repeat the same steps for the Sector, Stock, and StockPrice CSV files.